Ultra-Small, Digital Synchronous Buck Controller with Adjustable Load-Line, Auto-Control® & SMBus™/PMBus™ - PV3105

The PV3105 is a digital synchronous buck controller with adaptive loop compensation, for point-of-load (POL) applications. The output can supply 0.6 V to 5.5 V, and can be configured and controlled via PMBus, with a single resistor, or through programming stored in the non-volatile memory (NVM).

With Powervation’s Digital Stress Share (DSS) and PLL synchronization, multiple PV3105 devices may be used in parallel to increase the number of phases supporting the application’s load. PV3105 uses Powervation’s proprietary adaptive digital control loop, Auto-Control, which adapts on a cycle-by-cycle basis, and provides active loop compensation to stabilize the control loop.

The digital functionality of this VR controller allows system telemetry (remote measurement and reporting) of current, voltage, and temperature information through its serial interface. Additionally, to maximize system performance and reliability, the IC provides temperature correction/compensation of several parameters. PV3105 is a fully protected DC/DC solution that utilizes analog and digital functionality to maximize protection of the system.

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* 本製品は、STANDARD GRADEの製品です。車載機器への使用は推奨されていません。
PV3105 供給中 UQFN28V4040V 2500 2500 テーピング Yes
Phase Count 1
QFN Package 4 mm x 4 mm
Supply Voltage 0.6 V to 5.5 V
Controller Biad 3.3
Interface SMBus PMBus™ Compliant
Interface SVID N/A
Interface Parallel VID N/A
Auto-Compensation Auto-Control®: Real-Time Adaptive Auto-Tuning
Programmable Fsw 375 kHz - 1.25 MHz
Phase Add/Drop N/A
DSS® Yes
Single Pin CONFIG™ 8 Tables
System Good Yes
Sensors / Precision Telemetry Voltage VOUT, VIN, IOUT, EOUT
Sensors / Precision Telemetry Tsense Supported Internal Die Sense & External
Fault Response OVP Restart / Latching
Fault Response OCP Restart / Latching
Fault Response SCP Restart / Latching
Fault Response LOS N/A
Fault Response OTP Restart / Latching
Fault Response Phase Loss N/A
SCP Temp Compensation Yes
Support NTC Sensor Yes
Configurable SALRT Yes
Programmable Load-Line Yes
Integrator Gain Scalar Yes
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -25
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
  • • Configurable Digital Loop Compensation Options
    − Real-Time Adaptive Auto-Tuning Compensation
    − Allows Fixed Compensation Optimized PID
    • SMBus Interface with PMBus Power System Management Protocol
    • Precision Measurement & Telemetry Reporting: VOUT, IOUT, VIN, EOUT, Temperature, Duty Cycle, fSW
    • Programmable Protection & Warning
    − Output OVP, OCP, SCP, UV Warning
    − Input UVLO, OVLO
    − Internal & External OTP, UT Warning, & OT Warning
    − Temperature Compensated Faults
    − Programmable Latching & Auto-Restart
    − Configurable SALRT
    • Single-Pin Configuration with Eight Profile Tables
    • Power Management and Conversion
    − VOUT Range: 0.6 V to 5.5 V
    − Lower Jitter and Improved Transient Performance
    − Integrator Gain Scalar to Optimize Transient Settling Time
    − ±0.5% VOUT, ±1.5% VIN, & ±3% IOUT Accuracy Over Temperature
    − Adjustable Load-Line (0 mΩ to 20 mΩ) with
    o Programmable BW & Settling Time
    − Digital Stress Share® (DSS) Bus for Multi-POL & nɸ Operation
    − Programmable Frequency (375 kHz to 1.25 MHz)
    − Programmable VOUT, Voltage Tracking, Margining, & Sequencing
    − Frequency Synchronization & Phase Alignment
    − Programmable Precision Duty Cycle Limit
    − Power Good, System Good, & Remote Power Down
    − Supports DCR & SenseFET ISENSE Options
    o Programmable Gain, Attenuation, & Offset
    − Internal & External TSENSE
    o Programmable Gain & Offset for External Sense Elements
    • Internal Anti-Fuse Based NVM
    − -40°C to 125°C (20 year data retention rating)
    • 28-Lead 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package (RoHS/PbF)